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Michiyo Lappen 
Executive Chef / Owner

About My Food:

          My favorite cuisines to cook are Italian, French, Mediterranean, American, Mexican, and Asian. What makes my food unique is that I cook the cuisine in an authentic manner, yet I add a touch of Japanese delicateness and sensitivity. I can meet the standard of high end clients and event, and can also cater to events for casual occasions from large to small in size. For example, I can serve a five-course sit down dinner with memorable dining experience; or a cocktail reception for large audiences based on the clients’ needs. As for the event venue site management, I can build a stylish sushi bar and sushi-made-by-order counter and an appealing international buffet  as well to serve the food fast and efficiently, while presenting food in a best manner. I believe cooking ingredients without losing own best flavor is important factor for tasty food. I select fresh produce and ingredients carefully because fresh seasonal produce is notorious itself.  It has natural beauty of color, smell and unique shape. Fresh produce brings sense of season to the buffet or the office. Another strength of mine is variety in my menu while accommodating all kinds of dietary restrictions. I have developed wide range of menu to make everyone happy. I look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.

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